Saturday, May 17, 2014

so I bailed on my hometown, and became a college theatre dork

   ->  Arcana of a Theatre Artist   :)

It's time for high adventure



tada! The Class of 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014

and so, fellow travelers, we say good-bye

My room is in boxes. The graduation robes and cords are hanging on my door. The cap is decorated. The trees outside my window have finally taken up their full bloom - I can smell the lilacs. 

It doesn't seem at all possible that I should be leaving here in less than a day. That I may never live by Lake Erie again, go visit Prof. Tom in his office, have acupuncture from Prof. Terry, smile at Prof. Dr. Ivey's daily quote on the whiteboard in Acting A, swing swords in King Concert Hall, sit on the table in the commons and chat with Tom Sullivan...if I keep on listing all of the "I'll nevers", I will start crying. Life isn't supposed to be the "I never" but the "I did, I do". 

Being here in college has been the best four years of my life but I don't think it will be the only best years either. Here's to California, to four years of being an adult still on her parents' health insurance (but not dental or eyes). Even if I stayed, everything would change - the construction is starting; Prof. Dr. Ivey and Prof. Mr. Paul are going on sabbatical, Prof. Sarah is leaving. My classmates already have their post-graduate plans too.

Even if I don't want to say it, I'll admit - I've grown comfortable here. Happy, but Fredonia has become a comfort zone kind of place for me. Road-tripping to Louisiana helped me acknowledge that. If I am going to keep learning, I need to do so elsewhere. J. Allen Suddeth even said it to me, after the SPTs - just because I'm leaving here doesn't mean I get to stop learning.