Saturday, May 17, 2014

so I bailed on my hometown, and became a college theatre dork

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It's time for high adventure


The FredTADA class of 2014!

I love how Taylo's first instinct is to choke me...


Friday, May 16, 2014

my Lord and Master

Before I can graduate - move across country, start my post-graduate life - I had to see Prof. Terry one more time. The three of us - Kearsten, Jess and me, we all skipped the commencement rehearsal and booked an appointment for acupuncture with him as roommate-bonding/good-bye Prof. Terry time.

He asked us, to go around the room and give us our feelings summed up in one word to determine the order. I said "California" - it's the best way to phrase the feelings of a whole new life upheaval coming my way.

One by one, he took us into a private room and talked to us, about our new lives and how we are feeling and how our bodies are physically. As soon as he felt my pulse, he asked how I had been sleeping - which this week, I haven't been. And then he asked if I had eaten today. I did have lunch but I was hungry so we had planned to go out for Coldstone Creamery afterwards. How he knows just based on my pulse is astounding. He asked about my sister, and my future. Prof. Terry said that he had been talking to someone about me going to California and he said "That's one of the things I love about Shelby, is that she just jumps in and does it." 

We just sat and talked about it and I was on the verge of tears the whole time - good tears, tears of release and needing to come. Just about how this isn't an ending, but a beginning and how I'll always keep in touch with people here, especially now with today's technology and how it had been when he had graduated.

Then he laid me down on the couch, covered me up with a blanket for extra warmth and with his particular, gentle way, press and tapping. One needle in my forehead - one in each hand (the left one felt like it was anchoring me down), one in each foot and a sixth in my right ankle (which tingled upwards).

I love acupuncture. It is the best, natural high of my own energy and meridians waving out of me. It felt slow today for the most part; some electric pulses in my left arm for awhile, but on the whole, the healing process was physically slow urging. Mentally, I slipped into my psychic state of lucid being, which I haven't done in a long, long time now.  

I first discovered this state of lucidity on the car ride between college and home, just on the conscious edge while lying in the backseat my freshman year, going back to school after Thanksgiving break. I am awake and I know I am physically awake and lying there but mentally, it's a dream.

The Hanged Man and the Seven of Wands. While packing, I had drawn these cards and puzzled on them for awhile before packing them away finally. But here, I found myself dangling, like with the aerial silks, in the Hanged Man pose. Suddenly, my quarterstaff was in my hands, swinging like a pinata only I was the one with the stick. My professors were all there, reflected in mirrors that surrounded me as I swung about, swinging the stick to stop myself from smashing into the mirrors. My arms are heavy from acupuncture because they are making me strong enough to defend myself with the stick. I reminded myself that I am blue, and more valuable than the jade because I am Fredonia blue.

Then Prof. Terry came to pull the needles out and he gave me one more, just an in-and-out. He said it was a heart protector - which I thought was appropriate because the color changing crystal in the room had been green when I opened my eyes again, like a heart chakra. He said the point he was using was one very close to him, because it was the first spot he had ever been needled, when he was my age. It was called "Great Mound", like one was standing on top of the world and can see all around them. Like the Fool - or the defender in the Seven of Wands, standing on a cliff.

Saying good-bye to Prof. Terry was something I had to do before I could graduate. He was my Yoda, my mentor, the turning point in my life. He heals and teaches me and all he asks if I will drop him a line, let me know how I am doing in California and so he can send me the name of his teacher out there, whom he says is "The Master".

I wonder how will I make it without having Prof. Terry in my everyday life teaching me - then I remember that Luke Skywalker made it and defeated the Empire even after Yoda and Obi-Wan (Obi-Prof. Steve) had gone. I like to think that I am that same kind of her(ione), meeting her masters and now going into the real world.